During Documentation Phase: Encourage “Capturable” Thinking

Replied to During Documentation Phase: Encourage “Capturable” Thinking by an author (langwitches)

There are three phases for the documentation OF/FOR/AS Learning process that Janet Hale and I advocate for in our book A Guide to Documenting Learning. This blog post explores a little the “During Documentation” phase and ways to encourage “capturable” thinking in our students.

I was taken by this remark Silvia:

The actual moment of documentation changes one’s perspective when one is cognizant of the task of later reflecting and sharing that same moment. One does not just glance over moments, but strategically becomes aware of documentation opportunities that later on will help tell a particular story. The eye is honed to be aware of details, filter and discern opportunities to capture learning.

It has me reflecting upon the association between documentation and flânerie . It has me wondering if ‘capturable’ is in the mind? Really should read your book.

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