📑 Don’t let a crisis define the brief

Bookmarked Don’t let a crisis define the brief (medium.com)

Running headlong into massive changes in your life, your organisation or in your business, on the back of this urgent, dodgy brief isn’t wise. Imagine the crisis has written a brief, with unreasonably urgent deadlines, questionable rationale and no understanding of whether we have the skills to pull off the changes it’s asking us for. You wouldn’t respond unquestioning to a brief this poor, let alone commit to “systemic changes” that will last a life-time on the back of it.

So rewrite the brief.

Ewan McIntosh says we should not be restricted by the brief we are given and instead rewrite it. This starts with researching ideas and developing a project nest. From there, look for assumptions at play and work to identify the real problem at play. For McIntosh, this is how to be proactive about defining the new normal.

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