๐Ÿ“‘ Do You Trust Your VPN? Are You Sure?

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Virtual private networks are now a must-have privacy tool. But good luck figuring out which ones will actually make you safer.

Will Oremus explores the world VPNs. He explains the differences between free and paid subscriptions, as well as who owns the company and why it is not always possible to know.


One of the only definitive takeaways, besides โ€œsteer clear of free VPNs,โ€ is that your choice of VPN should depend on what youโ€™re using it for. If youโ€™re just trying to stay safe online, it may make sense to steer toward a larger, U.S.-based company thatโ€™s clear about both who owns it and how it treats your data. If your goal is to torrent pirated files, view blocked content, assassinate an ambassador, or otherwise evade the long arm of your government (or the governments it shares intelligence with), one based offshore might be a better betโ€”provided youโ€™re quite sure it doesnโ€™t have secret ties to the government youโ€™re trying to evade.

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