🎵 Divine Intervention (Client Liaison)

Listened Divine Intervention – 2021 studio album by Client Liaison from Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.

Divine Intervention is the second studio album by Australian indie pop duo Client Liaison, released on 1 October 2021.

I remember seeing Client Liaison perform for the first time for ABC’s New Years Eve This Night is Yours concert. One cannot help be transfixed. Are they for real? I guess artifice comes in many shapes and sizes.

Their new album continues along this journey, this time in search for a higher power. There is something about their slick sound that leaves me both full and yet wanting more. In some ways, just as Roger and Brian Eno’s album felt like the perfect album for the start of the pandemic and the world wide lockdown, Divine Intervention seems the right album to shake out the blues and get out on the dancefloor again (even if that dancefloor may be alone in a kitchen with headphones or while watching an hour of crochet.)

One of the other aspects that interests me about this album are the various writers and producers in support, including Nick Littlemore, Dann Hume and Francois Tetaz.

Place between The Midnight and Red Hearse.


If Client Liaison started a cult, there’d be plenty of people queuing for the front door – and Divine Intervention is a great text of holy works, filled with anti-corporate goodness and an adamance for the cure of the club. Let’s hope the next testament is as exciting.

While it’s impossible to look past recent singles such as “Champagne Affection”, “Strictly Business”, or the infectious “Elevator Up”, the rest of the record truly feels like something akin to a ‘greatest hits’ package for Client Liaison.

Sure, some naysayers might write off their music as being a little cheesy, but when you’re having this much fun, does it really matter?

Client Liaison know who they are and what they do, and they play to those strengths without hesitation. Even if you’re not willing to play along, there’s no denying the hooky craft of Divine Intervention – immaculately produced synthpop soaked in hooks and kitsch that’s making sure you’re having as much guilt-free fun as they are.

When you’re autonomous and might not have too much responsibility or not have a family and things like that, then the truth doesn’t really matter. And that’s why people nowadays feed themselves their own narratives. And it kind of speaks to how the world works.

So I guess Divine Intervention was us realising that. Like all else has gone, let’s throw in the towel and return to our primitive ways and embrace higher religion or something. It was “Reject everything”, a bit of a crisis with the world and just be like, “We need a divine intervention, something bigger needs to come down” because everything’s just a bit crazy and chaotic and truth no longer exists. So if truth doesn’t exist, then let the clouds part and come down, Jesus.

With the NFT boom, a lot of people would be somewhat familiar with what NFTs are, it’s a new marketplace. We wanted to participate in that because we thought we’d do so whilst also making comments about the nature of NFTs as well. It’s quite self-reflective. NFT’s are somewhat intangible, so we thought it would be fun if we actually sell something that’s even more intangible than the NFT itself as a sort of comment on NFTs.

So there’s a bit of subtext and conceptual slant to the act itself and we thought it would be fun. At the end of the day, it kind of says that Client Liaison belongs to all the people and it’s yours, it’s not just selling the soul of Client Liaison it’s like giving it back to the fans.

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