💬 Digitally Literate #228

Replied to Digitally Literate #228 by an author

Last week in this spot on the newsletter, we discussed the research from Mark Ledwich and Anna Zeitsev that suggested YouTube’s recommendation algorithm fails to promote inflammatory or radicalized content, as previously claimed by several outlets.

If you scroll to the bottom of issue #227, good friend Aaron Davis (subscribe to his newsletter ReadWriteRespond if you haven’t already) shared a number of important links that add to the complexity of the story.

Not soon after Aaron shared this info, Becca Lewis used this as an opportunity to compile the piece linked at the top of this story. Lewis posits that we need to look beyond the recommendation algorithms to understand YouTube’s political propaganda problem.

Thank you Ian for the shout-out. I really enjoyed Becca Lewis’ follow up. This reminds me of the argument that ‘technology is a system‘.

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