๐Ÿ“‘ Digital Survival Skills

Bookmarked Digital Survival Skills by Tom Woodward (Bionic Teaching)
The confluence of distraction and rapid change in todayโ€™s digital environment can result in confusion and frustration. Weโ€™ll focus on limiting distraction and choosing tools and workflows that will help you do more with less effort. The foundation will be a quick overview of digital productivity patterns (pomodoro, GTD, etc.). From there, weโ€™ll move into successful patterns for getting work done in key workplace applications.
Tom Woodward reflects on the skills required for living online. He discusses knowing how you use your time, checking your data, avoiding distractions, optimising workflows and knowing the ‘basics’. It is interesting to think about this alongside Doug Belshaw’s work with digital literacies. It also has me reviewing my ten step program to being a connected educator.

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