📑 Digital Spring Cleaning

Bookmarked Digital Spring Cleaning by Aaron PareckiAaron Parecki (aaronparecki.com)

While these can seem like overwhelming tasks if you have to do them all at once, remember it’s never too late to start, and you can always make slow incremental progress too!

Add new accounts you create to a password manager, and slowly add your existing accounts as you log in to them. Unsubscribe from email newsletters as they arrive in your inbox. While Digital Spring Cleaning is a good chance to tick off a lot of the boxes at once, it’s worth it to set up these practices so that you can maintain them going forward!

By making a little progress over a long time, you’ll avoid ending up needing to spend a full day or two cleaning up a mess at the end of the year.

Aaron Parecki provides a run-down of some digital spring cleaning that we should all consider. This includes:

  • Backing up data
  • Organising your files
  • Digitizing documents
  • Cleaning up your inbox
  • Deleting unused apps from your phone
  • Reviewing your passwords and authentication

This is a useful resource alongside Chris Betcher’s elaboration on passwords and authentication and Ian O’Byrne’s series exploring digital hygiene.

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