๐Ÿ’ฌ Digital Practices Will Be Negotiated

Replied to Supporting Digital Practice โ€“ making time-for-learning by dave dave (davecormier.com)
Digital practices need to be negotiated, they need to be talked about out loud in ways that many of our 20th century practices donโ€™t.
I really like your point about negotiation Dave. It reminds me in part of Doug Belshaw’s work on digital literacies. In my current role, the team I am in is responsible for supporting schools with Google. Having to cover a wide range of contexts and content, we often meet in the middle at some sort of imaginary average. I question how much people therefore get from these sessions. What I like about the option of online courses is that you can at least complete them as a staff group, reflecting together from your own perspective.

One take-away from the recent #EngageMOOC was that such negotiation and dialogue needs to happen at multiple levels. I think sometimes this is the challenge. We might generate conversation at the classroom, but it is not being had at the school level, something you touched upon in a past post. Also, the link between institutions and education systems seems stretched at times with the current neoliberal obsession with realism and the way it is.

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