🎧 Digital Justice, Surveillance & Invisible Walls (Screentime)

Replied to Digital Justice, Surveillance & Invisible Walls

Ian and Kristen are joined by Dr. Chris Gilliard, a Professor of English at Macomb Community College in Michigan. His scholarship concentrates on privacy, institutional tech policy, digital redlining, and the re-inventions of discriminatory practices through data mining and algorithmic decision-making, especially as these apply to college students.

You can reach out to Dr. Gilliard at Hypervisible.com and on Twitter at @hypervisible.

Big questions:

In this episode, we discuss privacy, security, algorithms, & β€œsurveillance capitalism.” How can parents help children to be more reflective about the activities in which they engage?

I really enjoyed Chris’ discussion of ‘consent’ and what this means in a world of increasing surveillance. It was a useful provocation to stop and consider the world around and the inplied consent we hand over each and every day.

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