📓 DigiCon18 Sparktalks

Lucas Johnson:

Even superheros need partnerships now and then

Research says that quality professional learning is situated in context. Partnerships can help support this.

Types of partnerships might include other schools, parents, the wider community, industry, external education services and tertiary institutions

Ways to initiate partnerships: Google it, make a phone call, chat to leadership, contact central office, connect with a PLN and go to social media.

Robert Roes:

Robert Roe: We all have stories to tell

Robert Roe: We are more involved in education than we always appear, how then may we capture this journey over time?

Libby Downes

Libby Downey: sharing her journey to digital portfolios

Libby Downes: It is useful to develop your own permission forms to address the questions of your particular context

Libby Downes: On the diff between free and paid SeeSaw incl activity, rolling over of data and analytics

Steven McGlade

Sharing the power and importance of being enthusiastic

If you are going to run lunchtime code clubs let it evolve. Set basic standards, such as creating, constructing and being nice.

Roland Gesthuizen

40 years in 26 minutes

We have always been integrating technology, whether it be codifying data i.e. the alphabet

Weaving machines were programmed with cards

Been improving computer literacy of teachers since 1982!

ACEC conference in 1983 with a session on … artificial intelligence

Back in the 90’s, kids could save shopper dockets to get computers

In 1995 CSF was released

Typing labs came back with computer labs

In the 2000’s we had the Smartbooad war

Now you can buy Commodore64’s again. Are we back at the beginning?

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