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What does this mean for Thought Shrapnel? I’m not sure. I want to keep something there, perhaps in a similar format to Aaron Davis’ Read Write Collect, or Tom Armitage’s Infovore. We’ll see.

Doug, it is funny thinking about my Read Write Collect site. In some ways I was inspired by you and your many sites.

Just when I thought I had enough sites, I decided to create another one. A feed that could be used in a platform like Micro.blog. My intent this time was to create a space where I could reclaim my pieces on the web. In part I was inspired by Tom Woodward’s API driven portfolio, as well as Alan Levine’s concept of co-claiming.

I was also interested in exploring the possibility of WordPress beyond the standard post format and the implications that this has with the choice of themes. Associated with this, I wondered if there was a possibility of automating the sharing of content created elsewhere, such as videos and images.

I have documented my workflow before, however this focused more on my long form writing. Here then is my attempt to summarise my workflow.

Clearly I collect pieces from around the web, including various newsletters. However, the majority of my content comes from Inoreader through which I have subscribed to my feeds. From there, I either respond or save posts to Pocket to read and respond later.

If I am responding on my phone, I use URL Forwarder to populate the Post Kinds field. On the laptop, I just create a new post in WordPress.

Although I have tinkered with Micropub clients, I have not found one that fits with what I want in a post. For example, I like have titles with emojis, therefore I actually populate the slug. John Johnston has some code to strip this out, but I am yet to tinker with this.

I really like the possibility using IFTTT and webhooks to generate posts from Pocket and Inoreader, which Chris Aldrich has documented here and here. However, that is still an itch.

In regards to writing my actual posts, I use Post Editor Button to add HTML snippets, such as embedding audio and adding in Microformats where required.

I also use a range of sites to capture quotes and evidence. Whether it be Hypothes.is, Diigo and Quotebacks. I know I should be more structured with this, but I am not.

In regards to POSSE, I use a range of methods, including SNAP, Bridgy for Micro.Blog. However, more often than note I manually write responses and add the corresponding link to my list of syndication links.

Hope that helps.

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