Hi Aaron, happy new year!

Yes, according to Dr. Patrick the fast is over once you drink something that is NOT water (listen to the 38-59 second point of the video). I’ve been doing this ‘time restricted earing’ (not really fasting or dieting) for a while, but I wasn’t counting my black coffee first thing in the morning. Now I wait for the 14 hours before having anything other than water.

2 things to note:

I do this Sunday night to Thursday night so that I can be social on weekend evenings without feeling restricted. Some research suggests ‘cheat days’ are likely not very detrimental, and then I really don’t feel ‘restricted’.
When I first started, I made it much easier with this little strategy: if I felt like snacking after dinner, I would take some of that snack to school for lunch the next day. This way I wasn’t restricting myself, I was simply delaying gratification. Only had to do this 3 times and then I really had a handle on it.

Besides regular exercise, I think this is one of the best things I do for my health.