One response on “πŸ“‘ Dave Winer on the Dangers of Medium”

  1. I’ve commented off and on recently that blogging remains a vital force on the web. It’s true that a lot of blogs have disappeared from Blogger and WordPress, but it’s equally true that Medium is becoming the site-of-record for a lot of leading edge developments in technology (for example, if you’re studying blockchain online, you’ll be reading a lot of Medium articles). I have a Medium blog (but I don’t like it; Medium doesn’t understand that blog posts and comments are different, and nobody sees it anyways) and I have a Medium membership, so I guess I’m in the ecosystem. Still, I heed Dave Winer’s warnings here. “They haven’t made any comittment to keeping their archive accessible, nor do they give people the ability to move their content off Medium without breaking links.. they could fail to find a business model, and shut down, leaving a huge hole in the web, over many years.”

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