🎧 Darren Hanlon’s coping songs (Take 5)

Listened Darren Hanlon’s coping songs from abc.net.au

Darren Hanlon is one of Australia’s great troubadours. His music has charmed us for near on twenty years now, and he’s known as a songwriter’s songwriter; his skill at getting straight to the heart of the matter has built him a loyal following of fans and fellow muso’s alike. Daz is also one of those people who you want to pull up a pew and have a cuppa with. There’s a sense of calm that falls whenever I chat with him, and for all of these reasons I asked him to Take 5. From new friends, to unheard gems, to the songs that pull at the strings of homesick heart, this conversation is a beautiful exploration of how music saves us all.

This Take 5 provides a fascinating insight into Darren Hanlon’s world. I always like how this podcast takes you deeper into the thinking of the artist beyond their own music.

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