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Replied to Daily blogging made easy by David Truss (Daily Ink)

Some days I’m spending 30 minutes ‘all-in’, this post has been a bit longer. If I needed more time this would have been popped into my drafts and I’d probably post something else tomorrow.

Thank you David for sharing your workflow.

Personally speaking, I use Trello to put together my posts. I am interested in using Indigenous, a micro-pub client, but do not like how it saves the draft to the app rather than WordPress itself. Every workflow has its limits I guess.

It is interesting to compare your ‘daily’ habit with Kathleen Morris’ approach to writing a weekly post with ten minutes a day.

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  1. David Truss says:

    I’m just using the WordPress app. I mostly like it, but it can be slow to update (a scheduled post stays in the scheduled column even after posting). I had an issue last week where I edited an old post version on the app and had to go to the web version on my laptop to revert to the correct version. Still, it’s working for me.

    I couldn’t use Kathleen’s schedule, I would think too much about the post over the week. However, with respect to ‘blogging in your mind’, when I was regularly blogging in my Pair-a-Dimes blog, I would often ‘think in blog posts’, creating full post ideas around a single educational idea. Now I like the idea of putting a title in my drafts and a few sentences to come back to. I’ve been using those drafts recently so I’m down to 8 of them right now, but at least 5 of those need to be weekend posts because they will take longer to write. The ‘2nd place’ idea I shared in the image above is a story that will probably take well over an hour to write.

    Some evenings/mornings recently have been a struggle but I really like that I’ve been writing regularly and I’m feeling good about the quality of a few of the posts.

    I’m going to follow the link you shared to Indigenous as soon as I post this comment, thanks Aaron!

    1. Aaron Davis says:

      I too was always frustrated with the way the WordPress app synced with WordPress. Indigenous involves a bit of setting up, however I think that micropubs offer an interesting future, however I still think that there is a way to go to create a smooth experience for all users.

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