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:synth: !!! working on adding custom emoji to my wordpress siteโ€ฆ if I type `:synth:` it should be converted into a little image of a synthesizer, like this: :synth: (hopefully it works). What happens if this also gets posted to my Pleroma instance?

This is something that I would love to add to my site. Instead of pasting in the emoji I could write :thump_up: and it would translate. In part I have never really had the time to dig in. Did you add something to your child theme?

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  1. I made a few changes to my WordPress installationโ€™s files, most according to a tutorial whose link I have misplaced, but this one is basically what I did: https://www.mustbeweb.com/how-to-add-custom-emoticons-in-wordpress/
    I added some of the same emoji to my Pleroma installation, and discovered that when I post here on my blog and it is syndicated to Pleroma, Pleroma parses the emoji shortcodes and converts to emojis there too. Cool!

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