๐Ÿ“‘ Curation as an Educational Challenge

Bookmarked Curation as an Educational Challenge (Silvia Tolisano- Langwitches Blog)

I am calling YOU to action! Are you up for it? How will you introduce, raise awareness, take on the challenge of CURATION as an educational urgency? Donโ€™t see it as โ€œyet another thing to add to your plateโ€, but be creative in connecting the skills and content you โ€œneed to teach anywayโ€ to curation skills and amplify teaching and learning.

Silvia Rosenthal Talisano discusses the importance of curation in the classroom. To support this, she provides a number of platforms and practices to use in the classroom. Personally, in regards to a curation space, I have taken to using a blog to collect together all my ideas. Although there were a number of features I liked about Diigo, there is something about the ability to link various ideas. Although still in their infancy, I look forward to a time when we can use mixture of micropub/sub applications to curate and connect from our own spaces.

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