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Bookmarked The cult of Mary Beard โ€“ podcast by Charlotte Higgins;Simon Barnard (the Guardian)

How a late-blossoming classics don became Britainโ€™s most beloved intellectual

An intriguing insight into the life and times of Mary Beard. A classicist who has made her name as a popular intellect. Full of wit, there were two quotes that really struck me. One was about the supposed ‘logical’ path to a career:

Her career stands, in a way, as a corrective to the notion that life runs a smooth, logical path. โ€œItโ€™s a lesson to all of those guys โ€“ some of whom are my mates,โ€ she said, remembering the colleagues who once whispered that she had squandered her talent. โ€œI now think: โ€˜Up yours. Up yours, actually.โ€™ Because peopleโ€™s careers go in very different trajectories and at very different speeds. Some people get lapped after an early sprint.โ€ She added softly, with a wicked grin: โ€œI know who you are, boys.โ€

The other was on the lessons learnt about understanding the ‘Classics’:

This approach was neatly displayed in her bestselling history of Rome, SPQR (2015). The early history of Rome, the era of its fabled seven kings, is notoriously difficult to untangle. There are few, if any, contemporary sources. The whole story slides frustratingly away into legend, with the later Romans just as confused as we are about how an unremarkable town on a malarial swamp came to rule a vast empire. One way of handling this material might have been simply to have started later, when the historianโ€™s footing among the sources becomes more secure. Instead Beard asked not how much truth could be excavated from the Romansโ€™ stories about their deep past, but what it might mean that they told them. If the Romans believed their city had started with Romulus and Remus, with the rape of the Sabine women โ€“ in a welter, in other words, of fratricide and sexual violence โ€“ what can we learn about the tellersโ€™ concerns, their preoccupations, their beliefs? According to Greg Woolf, โ€œOne of the things Mary has taught is to look at the window, not through it, because there isnโ€™t really anything behind it.โ€

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