💬 Could a Peasant defeat a Knight in Battle?

Replied to Could a Peasant defeat a Knight in Battle? by by Medievalists.net (medievalists.net)

In the Middle Ages wealth was closely associated with a military function. Either warriors were associated with lords as retainers or the lords were themselves fighters. In either case, these military men would have had better access to weapons, armor and training than peasants. They had the experience of battle and killing, and they could use all the advantages to be superior on the battlefield. If a knight came face-to-face with a peasant in battle, then the latter had the odds very much against them.

What I like about this response is that it depends on which peasant and knight we are talking about. I remember when I taught Medieval History a few years ago that we had an incursion which ended with the presenter donning some armour and taking on the students. It quickly highlighted the difference between the two.

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