🎧 Controlled Environmental Agriculture (Future Tense)

Listened Controlled Environmental Agriculture from Radio National

Vertical farming is a bit of a buzz term. Despite the hype, it’s an important part of a growing approach to food production known as Controlled Environmental Agriculture.

Controlled Environmental Agriculture promises to be cleaner and greener. It’s focussed on technology and it’s essentially about bringing food production closer to the point of consumption.

We examine the potential and the pitfalls.


Dr Asaf Tzachor – Lead Researcher for Food Security, Centre for the Study of Existential Risk, Cambridge University

Viraj Puri – CEO and co-founder, Gotham Greens

Jeffrey Landau – Director of Business Development, Agritecture

Dr Paul Gauthier – Senior Agricultural Scientist, Bowery Farming

Dr Pasi Vainikka – CEO, Solar Foods

Here was me thinking that I would be eating bug burgers, looks like it might be a mixture of bugs and bacteria.

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