🎧 Clare Bowditch’s hurricane songs (Take 5)

Listened Clare Bowditch’s hurricane songs from ABC Radio

It’s been almost 20 years since we first met Clare Bowditch. Back in 2003 she grabbed our attention with her brooding debut single “Human Being”. This writer was one we wanted to hear more from, and over the years we’d hear Clare craft many more beautiful songs, star on TV in “Offspring”, and become a leader in the music community as a collaborator and mentor. Until now though, we didn’t really know what came before that first song. But last year Clare Bowditch wrote her memoir, Your Own Kind of Girl, and opened up a childhood story she’d never shared before. That turbulent beginning is why I gave her the theme hurricane songs; music that upended her, turned Clare’s world from black and white to technicolour, and ultimately, gave her a sense of renewal. From Donny Hathaway to Bjork to Stella Donnelly, we heard how music had been a commanding force and steady hand throughout her formative years. And how songs had given her the strength she needed when the walls were closing in. This is a beautiful conversation; as much about the healing power of music as it is the kindness we can, and should show ourselves. Nena – ‘99 Luftballons’ Donny Hathaway – ‘Little Ghetto Boy’ Björk – ‘Hyperballad’ Archie Roach – ‘Down City Streets’ Stella Donnelly – ‘Tricks’

Another fascinating Take5 and another music memoir to add to the list.

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