💬 Friends don’t let friends use Chromebooks for CoolMath

Replied to Friends don’t let friends use Chromebooks for CoolMath. by Lyn Hilt (lynhilt.com)

The real crisis surrounding technology integration is a leadership crisis.

It’s a vision crisis. It’s the crisis that most of our schools are built around teaching cultures, not learning cultures. It’s a lack-of-clarity crisis.

Great post Lyn. I have discussed some of my issues elsewhere. I liked Andy Losik’s response, to highlight the creative possibilities associated with the Chromebook. However, I think that you hit the nail on the head Lyn with your point about vision.

Too often in education, the search is for the one answer. Just as with the wolves of Yellowstone, technology can not solve all our ills. It is only one part of the puzzle:

EdTech Enablers

“EdTech Enablers” by mrkrndvs is licensed under CC BY-SA

I recently reflected upon the place of Google to support librarians. Technology can offer so much, but it needs to connect in with the local context. I think that friends don’t let friends take products straight off the shelf, but that is a conversation for another day.

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  1. Thanks Lyn and Aaron for continuing the conversation. Yes, yes, yes on it being all about leadership. How are teachers being led to use the devices? FWIIW word choice of “crisis” was pure emotion and not “click bait”…for sure.


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