One response on “💬 Chris Beckstrom’s Noisecloud”

  1. Hey Aaron, thanks! I’m not sure if Noisecloud is ready for others to host it, but I’m hoping to get there soon. Btw there is an RSS feed for Noisecloud- right now it’s all sounds from all users:

    It turns out that works as a podcast feed too! I love RSS!

    With Mastodon, apparently each user has an rss feed, but I can’t figure out how to find mine (I run a Pleroma instance because Mastodon was too resource intensive to run on my $5 VM).

    If for some reason Pleroma doesn’t have an RSS feed functionality, I’ll totally write one.. I’ve been experimenting with the API and don’t think it would be too difficult.

    Btw my Hugo-based site isn’t currently set up for webmentions, so I’m hoping doing this manually will work.

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