๐Ÿ“บ Chernobyl

Watched The truth about Chernobyl? I saw it with my own eyesโ€ฆ from the Guardian

Kim Willsher reported on the worldโ€™s worst nuclear disaster from the Soviet Union. HBOโ€™s TV version only scratches the surface, she says

In reviewing the show, Cameron Williams argues that,

Today, scientists are trying to warn us of an existential threat to our health and safety: climate change. Once again, government drags its feet.

If we take anything from Chernobyl, it should be this: put science before politics.

In 2019, we may have grasped the extreme dangers of radiation, but the war on the truth is ongoing โ€” it’s eternal.

One of the challenges that this show highlights is the challenges associated with telling a clear narrative. Although there is no debate about Chernobyl and the disaster that occurred, making sense of the how and why is a bit more difficult. This was highlighted by the fictional scientist who combined the rolls of a number of scientists who go unmentioned.

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