๐Ÿ“‘ Can You Digitally Disappear?

Bookmarked Can You Digitally Disappear? (CityLab)

Not really. But there are ways to cover your tracks online and skirt urban surveillance.

Jessica Leigh Hester discusses the challenge of digitally disappearing. Sadly, the answer is that in today’s world of surveillance you cannot. Hester instead shares some stratagies for at least reducing what is shared. This is compared to washing your hands to improve personal hygiene.

Lee Tien advocates a certain degree of self-protection. He views these measures as a kind of digital hygieneโ€”the โ€œequivalent of washing your hands when you go to the bathroom,โ€ or getting a flu shot. But he stresses that theyโ€™re only a partial prophylactic: โ€œNothing that will make you immune from the problem.โ€

This is something that I tried to capture in my post on being safe, secure and informed.

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