💬 Can we have an #IndieWeb webmentions credentialing system?

Replied to Can we have an #IndieWeb webmentions credentialing system? #OpenBadges by Greg McVerryGreg McVerry (jgregorymcverry.com)

Over the past few weeks I have discussed this in the #IndieWeb channels with Aaron Parecki and Tantek Çelik if we could use webmentions as a credentialing tool. When you think about it an #openbadges boils down to two permalinks: the task, with criteria and evidence; and the learner artifact with evidence of learning.

I think that this is an interesting idea Greg. I am interested in the idea that if your evidence associated with the badge in question changes, you can simply send a new webmention. Also, in reverse I wonder if webmentions can be used as a may of managing badges that have an expiry date?

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  1. That is how webmentions functions now. If I update a post and trigger a new webmnetion the badge would update, but if he had a ledger tat worked like webmention.rocks then you would have a record of the original submission and the revised submission.

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