šŸ’¬ Call Me Naive: We are Part

Replied to Call Me Naive: We are Part by Kevin Hodgson (dogtrax.edublogs.org)

I guess our choices are to either leave those places or work to make them better, or passively hope for the best. Iā€™m naive in this, I know, but I think small actions and people connections still count and can make a difference (this is the teacher in me, for sure, with the faith of seeds planted now blooming later on), so I keep on keeping on, hoping a positive energy and a way forward, step by step, might improve the whole.

I find myself still in these places/spaces, but far less active. I am still active and if people instigate conversation then I converse there. However, I have taken other measures to find conversations worth having. For me, this comment – syndicated on my own site – is an example of that. I no longer go around gatecrashing public conversations as I used to.

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