๐Ÿ“‘ Building Staff Culture

Bookmarked Building Staff Culture: The Importance of Gratitude by Chris Wejr (chriswejr.com)
I am retraining my brain to see the positives (which I used to be so good at).ย  Looking for the positives does not mean we ignore the challengesโ€ฆ but embracing the good things in life sure give us more energy to deal with the โ€˜not-so-goodโ€™ things when they happen!ย 
Chris Wejr reflects on his efforts to be more grateful, but also to embed opportunities for his staff. He provides a list of possible activities to use, such as:

  • Start every staff meeting with WWW (What Went Well) and encourage each other to share something we are thankful for and/or proud of.
  • Share a weekly newsletter, โ€œ10 Good Things to Talk Aboutโ€œ, that includes 10 (often more) positive things that I have observed or staff have shared that we want our community to know about.
  • Write a note of gratitude to EVERY staff member that acknowledges something very personal that each person brings to your school.
  • Create a gratitude wall for staff to acknowledge the positives they see around the school.
  • Some staff have started their own gratitude journals/apps and even challenged their partners to do the same.
  • Have every student in the school write one thing they love about their school on a heart and use these hearts will line our hallways.
  • Write one thank you card/note or a gratitude email per week to a staff member/colleague.
  • Make one positive phone call a day/week to a family at your school.
  • Say thank you. Say it often and keep it authentic and personal.
  • Buy a coffee a week for someone and share your appreciation.

I have written about improving staff morale in the past. Wejr’s list provides some new ideas to explore.

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