Reply to Steve Brophy and the Idea of a Personal Learning Board of Directors

Replied to Creating a personal Learning Board of Directors by Steve Brophy (transformative learning)

What if instead of being the sum of the five people we spend the most time, we set up a Learning Board of Directors. A deliberate choice of people who inspire us, provide feedback, clarity and encouragement, who are interested in our growth and development and won’t shy away from the tough conversations. Some of the Learning Board members you may not know but their guidance from afar is through intellectual inspiration and advice in the form of blogs, podcasts or videos. Below is the list that I came up with.

Another thought provoking post Steve. It reminds me in part of Cameron Paterson’s call to find people who scare you, as well as Tom Barrett’s creative council.

A few questions that I was left wondering is whether the board of directors changes over time? And needs to change? Does having a ‘board of directors’ involve creating the conditions to properly embrace these guides and mentors? And do those on the board always choose to be there or do we choose them? Such an interesting idea. I am left reflecting on staff meetings where gathering together does not always guarantee anything is actually achieved.

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  1. Aaron, you raise as always really interesting points. I do think that the Board should evolve as you grow. I think that some people provide an injection for a little while and then we move our seperate ways. That is just my experience anyway. I think a mix of people who you do ask and who you admire help cater for greater diversity. Inspiration from afar and feedback from close up help provide interesting discussion points and learning opportunities. I’m going to keep thinking on the conditions response.

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