📓 IndieWeb Itch – Activity Pub / Better Connecting with Mastodon

I have a new #IndieWeb itch. Inspired by Doug Belshaw’s recent microcast, I now want to explore setting up my own ‘instance of one‘.

After exploring the Activity Pub plugin, I am currently exploring Bridgy Fed to work out the difference between the two.

This method seems to involve a few other steps, including adding a feed to the header and Safe Redirect Manager plugin. It also seems to be a bit more technical. However, I am assuming that the Bridgy Fed and Mastodon options recently added to Syndication Links mean that it can be controlled per most, as opposed to every post with the Activity Pub post.

I have followed the steps, but still trying to get posts to follow through. Maybe I need to have my new instance added to Bridgy? Not sure.

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  1. Inspired by Doug Belshaw’s recent reflection I am trying to connect my site to the Fediverse https://collect.readwriterespond.com/bridgy-fed/ I successfully connected using the Activity Pub plugin, but assume that using [snarfed] Bridgy Fed method would allow more control over what is posted to the Fediverse? I setup the Atom feed, URL redirects and selected Bridgy Fed from Syndication Links. Still no luck. Does anything standout to

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