๐Ÿ“‘ Brett Kavanaugh and the Cruelty of Male Bonding

Bookmarked Brett Kavanaugh and the Cruelty of Male Bonding (Slate Magazine)

How does the yearbook help us understand the other allegations against Kavanaugh? Well, for one thing, Kavanaughโ€™s admitted virginity shows how empty these rumors about Renate were. Whatever stories they circulated about her sexual behavior werenโ€™t actually about her; to them she was less a person than a token you claim to gain status with your bros. That tells us something valuable about how Kavanaugh was willing to treat women when other guys were around. It also offers a clear window into how male networks like Kavanaughโ€™s work. If you get caught, you deny, and if you canโ€™t, you manufacture explanations that may sound ridiculous to an outside audience. But you never break. His yearbook buddies tried to shelter him because sheltering him sheltered them.

It is interesting to consider the past reborn from the school yearbook. This has me rethinking the work I did with Year 9’s in developing a yearbook. I remember being chastised by leadership about what the students wanted to published, but maybe it was for good reason? My only question is if the yearbook was scraped of the mysogony and inherent violence, what happens to the underlying culture that seems to erupt like a vissure? How do we change this? It is also interesting thinking about Alec Couros and Katia Hindlebrandt’s discussion about the end of forgetting with this scenario. Is forgetting a privilege of power?

For a bit of satire, watch Saturday Night Live’s take on the testimony:

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