🎧 Breakthrough Thinking (Curious Minds #095)

Listened CM 095: Olivia Cabane and Judah Pollack on Breakthrough Thinking by Gayle Allen from Curious Minds Podcast

Breakthroughs can take our work to new and exciting places, yet they rarely happen as often as we’d like. Are there ways to prompt these kinds of moments, so we can create them more often? Olivia Fox Cabane and Judah Pollack tell us how in their book, The Net and the Butterfly: The Art and Practice of Breakthrough Thinking.

There are four four types of breakthroughs: Eureka, Metaphor, Intuitive and Paradigm. Just as we build up resistance at a gym, Olivia Cabane and Judah Pollack talk about taking time to extend our neuroplasticity by breaking with our usual practices and embrace all the parts of the self. Three *super-tools* the authors talk about to support this include gratitude, altruism and meditation. In some ways this touches upon Doug Belshaw’s idea of [serendipity surface](http://discours.es/2016/increasing-your-serendipity-surface).

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