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There have been a couple instances where a blog comment on social media added enough value to the conversation or idea shared in my post that it inspired me to quote that comment myself, in the blog comments. However, it wouldn’t be sustainable for me to try to do that all the time. I don’t really have a solution, I think it’s just a matter of accepting that people will choose to comment on social media sites, and blogs are not as social (anymore).

I think that comments are really interesting, especially when pieces are POSSE’d across different platforms. Just to add context, Twitter replies are brought back into my site, whereas I need to manually add in any responses made on your site.  That was one of the reasons I chose to also post my short reply (linked to a longer reply) on Twitter.

On a side note, as I collect my comments, it was funny to notice that I have written three comments on your blog in regards to commuting.

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