🎡 Before The Dawn (Kate Bush)

Listened Before The Dawn (Live), by Kate Bush from Kate Bush

As with the residency, the album is split into three parts, comprising seven miscellaneous songs, the complete Ninth Wave suite from Hounds of Love, and A Sky of Honey from Bush’s 2005 release Aerial. Presented in the same order as the original show, the album’s performances are culled from various shows throughout the residency.

Before the Dawn contains the song “Tawny Moon”, performed by Bush’s son, Albert McIntosh. It also contains the track “Never Be Mine”, which did not feature on the Before the Dawn residency, but was recorded when the show was performed without an audience for the purposes of filming the production.

When Dylan Lewis spoke about going to see Kate Bush in London, I did not realise that she had not actually performed since 1979. I discovered this fact listening to the Bandsplain podcast. One of the things I like about the album is how the live performance ties all her songs together.

It is interesting to properly find Kate Bush’s music. Although I always knew Kate Bush, it never really went beyond the story of being discovered by David Gilmore and watching the various film clips on Rage. I did not have any friends who really listened to her music.

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