šŸŽ§ Beckstrom Holiday Extravaganza Volume X (Chris Beckstrom)

Listened Beckstrom Holiday Extravaganza Volume X, by Chris Beckstrom from Chris Beckstrom

6 track album

It is always an interesting time of year when it comes to music. Michael Buble has his niche. Last year Sia created an interesting album of original music. With all this said there is something truly joyful about these Holiday Extravaganzas. The pictures are also a useful reflection of the effort required.

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    thanks for listening! Iā€™m glad you get a joyful feeling from my music. Truth be told, I use this yearly project as a way to tackle the cold, darkness, and difficulties of Michigan winters. I definitely do get joy out of making music, and Iā€™m glad that translates to listening as well!

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