💬 Badges Instead of Grades

Replied to Badges Instead of Grades (Harvard Graduate School of Education)

The Democratic Knowledge Project proposes another way to measure student learning

Lory Hough discusses the use of badges in conjunction with mastery of learning as a means of circumventing the need for grades. I think this is really interesting idea, the use of badges as stepping stones. My question though is what students do with these badges. For me, I am really intrigued by the idea of ‘constellations’.

In contrast to perspective badge ecosystems, constellations offer an open-ended approach where users can choose from a range of possibilities, carving out any number of pathways. This is conducive to lifelong learning and offers the potential to collected together different achievements to write your own learning story. Open to borrowing from different providers, it is for this reason that it is descriptive rather than prescriptive.

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