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Bookmarked Authentic Learning Experiences by an author (User Generated Education)

I absolutely love planning authentic learning experiences. I get to use my creativity to plan and implement them. It does take lots of pre-planning – finding resources, usually videos, and purchasing, gathering, and organizing the resources used.

I also love watching how excited learners get doing them. There is 100% engagement. I’ve said before that being an experiential educator, there is lots of pre-planning but the learners work harder than me during classtime – as it should be.

Jackie Gerstein discusses the qualities of authentic learning:

  • A state of flow
  • Interdisciplinary standards and skills are addressed
  • The focus is on learners learning rather than teachers teaching
  • Often are minds-on, hands-on activities.
  • Learners do not ask, “Why do I need to know this?”
  • The learning activities are open-ended so learners put their “selves” into their projects.
  • Projects are long term not finished in one class period.
  • Troubleshooting and iteration often occur.
  • The learners become a community of learners sharing ideas, asking for help, brainstorming.

She also provides a range of resources for digging deeper into this topic.

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