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At this time when so many of us suddenly find ourselves teaching in unfamiliar contexts (we used to teach in classrooms—now we guide learners from a distance; we used to send our children off to school—now they’re home all day), the question “How can I support learning?” looms large.

The “At Home with PZ” toolbox was developed to help you answer that question. The activities you’ll find here provide ways to adapt Project Zero strategies and frameworks for use in different settings: for virtual classrooms and for home learning; guided by a teacher working remotely or by a parent or caregiver in person. Some can be done outdoors, some indoors, and some are appropriate for either. The activities are sorted into two types: tools for learning (the toolbox) and Thinking Routines (thinking bubbles). Each activity offers variations for different age groups as well as for the adult facilitation needed so students could work alone, or, as part of a pair, group, or virtual classroom. We hope that these activities, specially curated by PZ researchers, spark creative solutions for your context.

The “At Home with PZ” toolbox features an easy-to-use search function to help you find the activities that fit your and your learners’ needs. Simply use the filters (as many or as few as you’d like) to indicate the learner age range and the time commitment that match your context. Alternatively, you can skim the list below to get a quick overview the activities and learner age ranges. Clicking on the activity link takes you to a downloadable PDF that describes the activity in more detail, including suggestions for use and tips for getting started.

The Project Zero team summarise how visible thinking can be adapted and integrated within online learning. This adds to some ideas Carole Geneix collated.

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