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Bookmarked AppsScriptPulse – The latest from the Google Apps Script community (AppsScriptPulse)

Apps Script Pulse is a new space to keep up-to-date with the latest contributions from the Google Apps Script community. Pulse is designed to compliment other community spaces – with the Apps Script Stack Overflow site supporting Q&A, the Apps Script Google Groupproviding a discussion space and the new G Suite Solutions Gallery providing a space for sample solutions – Apps Script Pulse is a distribution channel for community created content as well as surfacing highlights from existing spaces.

You can visit Apps Script Pulse and start browsing the content we’ve already collected and if you’d like to receive updates in your inbox you can subscribe to our daily digest of new posts. If you have content you would like featured in Apps Script Pulse you can ping us on Twitter @AppsScriptInfo or dropping us a line at pulse@appsscript.info.

Martin Hawksey has created a site to collate different App Script projects.

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