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Replied to Anti-social media by David Truss (daily-ink.davidtruss.com)

I can’t stay on Twitter and only share things I think will acquire likes and positive comments. I’m not a poop disturber either, but I want to be able to go to hard places sometimes, to question and to learn. But I’m not feeling like good discourse can happen on social media anymore. Discourse has become argument and different views are not tolerated.

What I’m talking about goes far beyond the conversation I had, but what I’ve seen recently has pushed me away from following conversation threads on Twitter… Not because I’m not interested in the topic, but because I’m not interested in the polar, angry, and even nasty comments that fill any (even slightly) controversial thread.

David, I feel that this is the challenge that Douglas Rushkoff is trying to grapple with in regards to Team Human.

Ian O’Byrne also wrote a similar reflection lately in which he wonders if we need to take a step back:

We spend time teaching youth how to engage in digital practices and many times this is to prepare them to engage, connect, and participant in online spaces. Is this what we really want? Is this the type of future that we want for youth?

Maybe we have it all wrong.

Just because we could…doesn’t mean that we should.

I often come back to Venkatesh Rao’s piece on the Internet of Beefs.

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