🎡 Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land (Marina)

Listened fifth studio album by Marina Diamandis from Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.

Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land is the fifth studio album by Welsh singer-songwriter Marina, released on 11 June 2021, through Atlantic Records. She began songwriting for the project in January 2020, around the time she released the soundtrack single “About Love”. The album was preceded by the release of four singles, “Man’s World”, “Purge the Poison”, the title track, and “Venus Fly Trap” with each one having a music video.

Unsure what to listen to, I recently did a dive into similar artists associated with Haerts and ended up clicking on MUNA. At the top of the list was their remix of Marina’s track Man’s World:

I had never consciously heard Marina Diamandis’ work, so I was intrigued. Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land never quite settles, touching on rock, pop, ballads, always moving on.

Anti-misogyny manifesto pop could easily become clumsy and overwrought, but the joy Marina invests into her mannered, quasi-operatic delivery makes sedition sound seductive.

I also enjoyed watching parts of the Live from the Desert performance.

Place between Garbage and Montaigne

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