🎵 Ambient Trip Commander (Legowelt)


Legowelt, aka the Dutch electronic musician Danny Wolfers, has built his aesthetic on nostalgia for those halcyon pre-Y2K days, when the promise of technology seemed virtually limitless. His references are at once kitschy and sincere: ASCII art, GeoCities web animations, and, of course, arcane vintage synthesizers. His collection of the latter is always growing, each one an “ingredient in the eternal flux of music alchemy.” That phrase would also make a pretty good description of this 100-minute ambient set. A placid, beatless drift through lush pads, eerie drones, field recordings, and snippets of spoken word, it’s steeped in ’90s vibes, reminiscent of the late-night moods of the KLF, the Orb, and Pete Namlook’s FAX label. Neither too sweet nor too oppressively dark, the set strikes a beatific balance. – Pitchfork

Another ambient soundtrack.

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