🎵 Alpha Zulu (Phoenix)

Listened 2022 studio album by Phoenix by Contributors to Wikimedia projects from Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.

Alpha Zulu is the seventh studio album by French indie pop band Phoenix, released on 4 November 2022 through Loyauté and Glassnote Records.[3] Self-produced by the band, it is their first album since 2017’s Ti Amo. The singles “Identical”, “Alpha Zulu”, “Tonight”, and “Winter Solstice” preceded the album.[4] The band embarked on a North American tour in support of the album, which will visit the UK and Europe in October and November 2022.[5] The album received critical acclaim.

For me, Alpha Zulu is a feel good album. I often find myself putting it on in the background when doing this and that:

In a continuation of the direction Phoenix took on their previous two albums, Bankrupt! and Ti Amo, the band favors needling synths and skittering drum machines over the crisp guitars and live percussion of their earlier efforts. Guitars still tinker in the background in spots across Alpha Zulu, and they finally take center stage on both “Artefact” and the penultimate track, “My Elixir,” but the instrument’s usage almost feels antiquated after the more contemporary, computer-effect-dominated songs that precede them.

I also love the film clip for Alpha Zulu and the manipulation of art pieces.

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