๐Ÿ“‘ All the Bad Things About Uber and Lyft In One Simple List

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The report in the Daily Bruin revealed anew that Uber, Lyft, Via and the like are massively increasing car trips in many of the most walkable and transit friendly places in U.S.

It comes after a raft of recent studies have found negative effects from Uber and Lyft, such as increased congestion, higher traffic fatalities, huge declines in transit ridership and other negative impacts. Itโ€™s becoming more and more clear that Uber and Lyft having some pretty pernicious effects on public health and the environment, especially in some of the countryโ€™s largest cities.

Angie Schmitt compiles a number of negative effects associated with Uber and Lyft. They include an increase in driving, predominantly operating in transit-friendly areas, often replacing biking and walking, hurting transit and hoarding data.

It is interesting to consider this disruptive innovation alongside a wider discussion of the future of public transport.

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