🎵 Ænima (Tool)

Listened How Tool’s Ænima taught us to find some comfort in the dark and unsettling from Double J

Tool work meticulously and powerfully to magnify the subtleties of existence into a pulsing and wholly absorbing musical vortex. Subtleties that take centre stage in explosive fashion.

Subtleties we’ve possibly pushed deep down into inaccessible places, but that continually eat away at us like the tortured protagonist in ‘H’.

Subtleties of the psyche that guide unquestioning acceptance of dogma in ‘Eulogy’.

And subtleties of the unspoken and unresolved that destroys loving relationships in ‘Pushit’.

It is interesting to look back on Ænima and where it sat. I was intrigued listening to the 60 Songs that Explain the 90’s podcast in their discussion of Stinkfist and the mystery of how to appreciate their music:

Is this a joke? Is this dick joke a joke? You didn’t know what to think; you didn’t know how to feel. This was of course by design. Tool very much did not want to give anyone answers. To any of your questions. For a band of their prominence—Tool joined the Lollapalooza tour in 1992, 1993, and 1997—they did very little press, very few interviews, very few photo shoots. Picture them however you want. Project, onto them, whatever personality or philosophy or trauma you want. Take them deadly seriously or just assume they’re joking about literally everything. Did Adam Jones really work on Ghostbusters II? Don’t bet your life on that. Choose your own adventure. Take, from all this, whatever it is you need.

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