๐Ÿ“‘ Adobe Antitrust Concerns: Is the Photoshop-Maker Too Big?

Bookmarked Adobe Antitrust Concerns: Is the Photoshop-Maker Too Big? by Ernie Smith (Tedium: The Dull Side of the Internet.)

I really like Adobe as a company, but I think their suite has become so costly and unavoidable for the average creative consumer that they need to be a little bit smaller, so as to allow smaller players to compete without feeling like they have to go up against an impossible behemoth to even make a dent. Maybe Adobe fans wonโ€™t like to hear this, but I swear my case here is for the creative communityโ€™s best interests.

Ernie Smith explains why Adobeโ€™s role at the center of the creative ecosystem should be of concern. The issue is that there is no longer any space for competition and innovation in this space. We often speak about Google and Facebook in regards to platform monopolies, but Adobe’s move to create and manage the marketing process is worrying.

Adobe is increasingly not only trying to run the software that can create your flyer or logo or commercial, but itโ€™s trying to own the whole marketing process, too, soup to nuts. Some companies might love that sort of integration, and itโ€™s a big reason why Adobe is making all these aggressive acquisitions. But a single company with that much power over a single field is worrying.

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