๐Ÿ“‘ A Teacher-Led Renewel

Bookmarked A Teacher-Led Renewel (Director's eNews – VOLUME 10 โ€“ NUMBER 20 – 21 AUGUST 2020)

The remote learning environment has thrust teachers and their professional judgments back in the driverโ€™s seat for making improvements in education. This is arguably a great thing for students and their learning, as it places the location of professional knowledge and decision-making back inside the classroom with teachers, and within the contexts in which teachers are teaching.

The caveat spelled out here is that teacher evidence is most valid when using the four critical lenses on evidence (evidence from students, from colleagues, from research and from teachersโ€™ own experiences). It is this amalgam of โ€˜teacher evidenceโ€™ that expert teachers possess, and it is this type of evidence that we should invest in to support the teacher-led renewal in learning outcomes.

Simon Lindsay reflects on the current situation and the impact that it has on the way in which we collect data around students and learning. With the inability to complete various standardised tests, such as NAPLAN, it has placed the importance of teachers back in the spotlight. This is not necessarily something new, however what will be interesting to see is what happens to what works and whether the new normal will bring about a swing towards teacher agency?

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