📑 A Romantic Response to Crisis?

Bookmarked A Romantic Response to Crisis?

I share this with you because our world is burning. Or perhaps—more aptly—our world is experiencing the symptomatic effects of human-exacerbated climate change. Some of the weather extremes won’t be fires, of course. It’ll be floods, storms, droughts, freezing conditions (and so on). All weather is the result of the sun’s uneven heating of our planet’s atmosphere—with more greenhouse gases in the atmosphere trapping more heat, we’re going to see more weather extremes. And with this will come habitat loss, ecosystem collapse, food shortages and climate refugees. And more.

Building on the ideas of Kai Brach, Jason Fox calls for a romantic response, including the suggestion to be curious and kind, find your community, earn less and enjoy more, and awaken the sleeper agent and be the change.

Fox is another who mentions Jenny Odell’s book How to Do Nothing.

Resist in place. Perhaps the most heartening idea I have been introduced to in the past year is the notion of refocusing attention back to our local communities. This idea is championed in Jenny Odell’s book How To Do Nothing: Resisting The Attention Economy. As someone who spends far too much time in abstraction, this has been an important reminder. To echo Kai—find things you can do within your own country; your own community. Get to know your local ecology. Support local endeavours. Cultivate more of a sense of connection and belonging in and with those around you.

I think that I may need to add this to my list.

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