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Replied to 👓 A Reading Plan for 2019 | Rhoneisms by Author Chris AldrichAuthor Chris Aldrich

Read A Reading Plan for 2019 by Patrick Rhone (patrickrhone.net) Last year, I publicized my reading plan for the year. Overall, I’m very happy with the number of books I managed to read (20) and the quality of what I read. There are some aspects of the plan I wish I’d been better at but that’s…

I consider reading lists the same way I think about MOOCs. If I do not finish them then it does not matter too much.

I like your point about books too. As I reflect on my lack of long form reading this year I am reminded by Pocket that I have read what would be quite a few books worth of posts and articles:

I too have recorded much of this too 🙂

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