๐Ÿ“‘ A New Approach for Listening

Bookmarked A New Approach for Listening by Maha Bali (blog.mahabali.me)

I am not into frameworks so these are just suggestions for an approach to listening. It may not be rocket science but these are my thoughtsโ€ฆit starts with recognizing that our listening is limited by what we hear (how widely we are exposed to diverse ideas and how deeply we interact with them) and also how we hear (how open we are, how aware of our own biases and where others are coming from) and how we notice what we donโ€™t hear (silence, between lines).

Maha Bali reflects on the different approaches to listening, including widely, deeply, openly, repeatedly, outside, inside, to silence, between the lines and to take action. On the flip side, Bali warns about lip service listening.

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